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Common Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
COmmon Business Oriented Language
common carrier
Common Command Set
Common Communication Services
Common Desktop Environment
Common ESP
Common Gateway Interface
Common Hardware Reference Platform
Common Information Model
Common Intermediate Format
Common Intermediate Language
Common Internet File System
Common ISDN Application Programming Interface
Common Lisp
Common LISP in Parallel
Common LISP Object System
Common Management Information Protocol
Common Management Information Services
Common Object File Format
Common Object Model
Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Common Objects
Common Program Interface
Common User Access
Commonwealth Hackish
Communicating Functional Processes
Communicating Sequential Processes
communication system
Communications Decency Act
Communications of the ACM
communications port
Communications Server
communications software
Community of Massive Gaming Agency
Compact COBOL
Compact Disc
Compact Disc interactive
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory
Compact Disc Read-Write
Compact Disc Recordable

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