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A realtime, network distributed, POSIX-certified, microkernel, multi-user, multitasking, ROMable, fault-tolerant, embeddable operating system that supports TCP/IP, NFS, FTP, the X Window System, Microsoft Windows as a guest process, Ethernet, Token Ring, Arcnet and Watcom ANSI C/C++. Support for Pentium, 486, 386, 286, 80x87. Developed and distributed by QNX Software Systems, Ltd.

Current version: 6.1, as of 2001-09-02.

QNX Home (http://www.qnx.com/).

OpenQNX: The QNX community portal (http://www.openqnx.com).

Papers (ftp://ftp.cse.ucsc.edu/pub/qnx/qnx-paper.ps.Z). (

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.os.qnx.

E-mail: .


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